Santiago González III
Coleman Harris

Coleman Harris, played by Santiago González III, was a snobbish business magnate who appeared in the episode "Former Neighbors" in Season 1.

Personal Information
Gender: Male
Nationality Afro-Cubano
Birthname Santiago A. González III
Born: December 10, 1931
Birthplace: Tampa, Florida, USA
Died November 27, 1976
Deathplace: Contra Costa, California, USA
Actor, Salsa and Meringue Percussionist, Song Writer, Screenwriter and Self-Motivational Book-Writer
Years active: 1975-1977
Related to: Nuttiago (Santiago Gonzalez,IV) aka Nutty Ago aka $antiago
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: "Former Neighbors" in Season 1
Character played: Coleman Harris
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Santiago González III (December 10, 1931 - November 27, 1976) appeared as Coleman Harris, a snobbish, wealthy black socialite and business magnate who visits George and Louise in the Season 1 episode of The Jeffersons titled "Former Neighbors". A veteran character actor on stage, TV and in films Santiago also appeared on another Norman Lear produced CBS-TV sitcom series, Good Times, in 1975, as well as the TV movie, I'm A Fool with now famous film director, then TV sitcom actor Ron Howard , "Richie Cunningham: of Happy Days TV series fame, in 1977.

Life and careerEdit

Santiago was born in Tampa, Florida. Born of Afro-Cubano decent, son of an immigrant cigar maker, he attended Xavier University and graduated with a degree in Music. He eventually became a Salsa and meringue percussionist, song writer, actor, screenwriter and self-motivational book-writer.

Santiago starred in many Broadway musicals and was an active member in several calypso bands, in Las Vegas, San Francisco and formed the calypso band "The Senators"


He passed away suddenly from an heart attack at the age of 44 at his home in Pleasant Hill, California. He left behind a wife, Jane and three children, Constance (8), Mercedez (2), & Santiago IV (4 mos). He now has six grandchildren, Speranza, Allen, Santiago V, Breanna, Samir & Consetta.

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