Officer Rossi
Officer Rossi
Officer Rossi was a NYPD beat cop who Bentley assaults in Charlie's Bar after listening to bad advice from George in the episode titled "Bentley's Problem" in Season 3 of The Jeffersons.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
NYPD police officer whose beat is near the Whittendale Building
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: "Bentley's Problem" in Season 3
Character played by: Alan Manson
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Officer Rossi was a NYPD traffic cop who Harry Bentley assaults in Charlie's Bar in the Season 3 episode, after taking ignorant advice from George, Bentley accidentally punches a NYPD cop (played by Alan Manson) in the face and winds himself in jail. He was bailed out by George, but still faced charges from the whole case. The officer he punched then realized Bentley is truly an honest person, and ultimately freed him.

About Officer RossiEdit

Mr. Bentley, who was having issues from a grouchy man at the parking garage near the UN building, listens to George's bad advice, telling him "to be more aggressive with people" during disagreements so that he doesn't always have to be "pushed around". Bentley takes the suggestion, only to end up receiving a black eye from the guy. After George taunts Bentley for being a coward, Bentley decides to roughen up a little and punches a man's lights out. The bad news: the man is Officer Rossi! It takes a little coaxing from George and convincing from the normal peacable, docile Bentley to persuade Rossi, who booked Harry, to drop the charges he pressed against Bentley after he came to and booked him for assault, but it worked! Rossi drops the charges and releases Harry from jail.