Marcus, a delinquent teen who George, with the prodding of Louise, hires as an employee at the Jefferson Cleaners store in the Whittendale Bldg. in Season 3 of The Jeffersons.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Employee at Jefferson Cleaners
Refomed juvenille deliquent type which George takes a chance on reforming by hiring him to work at the main Jefferson Cleaners store in the Whittendale Building.
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: 8 episodes
Character played by: Ernest Harden, Jr.
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Marcus Garvey Henderson is George's employee at Jefferson Cleaners. Marcus appears in the 1977-78 season (during the fourth season), and apparently, Marcus grew up in a rough neighborhood. He is played by now veteran actor Ernest Harden, Jr., who has appeared in such TV series as The Steve Harvey Show, Hill Street Blues, The Parkers and The Bernie Mac Show.

About MarcusEdit

Louise hired him to work at George's store, but on the very first day on the job, he stole an expensive jacket. Bentley told Louise about the incident, and she and George confronted him. He admitted he stole it, but lashed out at the two about him never receiving a proper life. George retaliates by telling him he is a lucky guy to have a job, and that should he pursue a life as a swindler and altogether a ghetto person, he would end up in jail or the graveyard. Marcus then proceeds to become a better person.

When Marcus confesses his father died at a young age, Louise insists George on taking Marcus to a camp-out to give him a good, father-and-son relationship. Marcus tells George the bad times he had, and George admits his father died when he was ten years old. Marcus breaks down into tears, but both of them deservingly have a good time together. Marcus's final appearance was in the season 6 episode "Joltin' George". Ernest Harden Jr. in fact briefly played another character with similar mannerisms to Marcus in one episode in the third season.