Leroy Daniels
Leroy Daniels
Leroy Daniels, the manager of George's main store, is played by Vernon Washington on the series.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Ethnicity Black
Born: 1938 (?) in Harlem, NY
Store Manager of the Jefferson Cleaners store in the apartment building.
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Character played by: Vernon Washington
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Leroy Daniels is George's store manager/employee at Jefferson Cleaners. He was born in Harlem and is a bit naive. In one Season 5 episode, in a dream George had, he became the owner of Jefferson Cleaners in 1996 when George himself was dead by then, which George though impossible since he felt Leroy was a dingbat with no business skills. Leroy would appear in several other episodes afterward. Veteran character actor Vernon Washington plays the part of Leroy on the series.