Jimmy and George
Jimmy (Garrett Morris, on left) is a con man who once duped George who helps him thwart a money con run on Tom Willis in the 3-part episode "Mission:Impossible" in Season 9 of the series.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Ethnicity Black
Slick con man who had George and Louise duped into thinking he was a poor child that they were sponsoring; winds up helping them thwart a con run on Tom Willis by former Navy accquaintances of George.
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Character played by: Garrett Morris
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Jimmy was supposedly a child that George and Louise has sponsored and sent money to for years. However, in their first visit with Jimmy, they realize he was an adult: simply put, Jimmy is a con-man! The character Jimmy appeared in five episodes from 1983-1984. Jimmy supposedly was a member of the historically black fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha.

In the three-part episode titled "Mission:Impossible", Jimmy is once again enlisted by George. Jimmy and his cousin, played by Greg Morris of Mission:Impossible TV series fame, try to recover $10,000 lost by Tom Willis to some con-men who were posing as investors, and  who were also ex-Navy accquaintances of George in a revenge/double-cross con. The part of Jimmy is played by comedian/actor and Saturday Night Live alumnus Garrett Morris.