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Jessica Jefferson
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Personal Information
Gender: Female
Born: 1980 age 40
Related to: Lionel Jefferson (father)
Jenny Willis Jefferson (mother)
George Jefferson (grandfather)
Louise Jefferson (grandmother)
Tom Willis (grandfather)
Helen Willis (grandmother)
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: 6 in Seasons 8-11
Character played by: Erin and Leslie Holland (Season 8, 2 episodes)
Ebonie Smith (4 episodes in Seasons 10-11)
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Jessica Jefferson appeared in a total of six episodes of The Jeffersons, first appearing as a toddler in the Season 8 episode titled "A Case of Self-Defense" (#17). The part of toddler Jessica was played by twin sisters Erin and Leslie Holland in two episodes, then by former child actress Ebonie Smith in four episodes in Season 10 and Season 11.

About Jessica[]

Jessica, the daughter of Lionel and Jenny, was born in 1979, in Season 6 of the series; she is also the grandchild of Tom and Helen Willis and George and Louise Jefferson. In Jessica's first appearance in the episode "A Case of Self Defense" in Season 8, she is used to make a poignant point about gun control, when George, Louise, and Jenny happen to catch her playing with a gun unattended on the couch, which George bought to try to ward off potential robbers, when everyone's back was turned when they were arguing about the subject in the kitchen.

In the first appearance of Ebonie Smith in the role, in the Season 10 episode "Ebony and Ivory", Louise, in hoping to show up snooty socialite and neighbor Mrs. Van Morris (Dorothy Butts) once and for all, Louise arranges for Jessica (whose musical talent is rudimentary at best) to compete against Mrs. Van Morris's grandson Van (played by Jaleel White, later of ABC/CBS-TV's Family Matters TV series fame) in a piano recital.

In the series finale episode in Season 11, "Red Robins", George, who, in the attempt to gain brownie points in order to win a Dry Cleaner of The Year award for community service, becomes the "nest mother" of Jessica's "Red Robins" scout troop, giving bad advice on how to sell cookies for them.