Hugo Mojoloweski
Hugo and George
Hugo (Irwin Keyes) and George (Sherman Hemsley) in scene from The Jeffersons.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Height 5'11"
Body type: Burly and Brawny, built like a refrigerator!
Bodyguard hired by George Jefferson
slightly dim-witted sort whose catchphrase is "Remember Me?"
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons (in recurring appearances)
Episodes appeared in: 5 episodes in Seasons 7-11
Character played by: Irwin Keyes
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Hugo Mojoloweski was George Jefferson's occasional hired bodyguard who was orignally hired by George to protect him from a serial mugger and career criminal nicknamed "Larry The Loon" in Season Six. Hugo, upon first sight becomes infatuated with George's daughter-in-law, the already-married Jenny, which, needless to say went unrequited! Hugo is big and very burly, but he, like Leroy may be sometimes a little dim-witted. His catchphrase in greeting someone he knows is, "Hi, remember me ?" which he always greets others, in particular, the very uninterested Jenny, who he at one time kept lavishing gifts upon, namely a big poster greeting card with his image, a la "Casablanca" style, with his catchphrase "Hi, remember me ?" emblazoned upon it!

In the two-part episode titled "The Strays", Hugo is hired once again to help and protect George when he attempts to confront a female street gang who robbed a delivery driver at gunpoint; when the girls appear, Hugo, who was supposed to be there to scare off the girls, is nowhere to be found! Turns out, that Hugo left because he had gotten hungry, so he went to a nearby restaurant to get a sandwich!