"Uncle Bertram"
Season 2, Episode 7
#20 in Series
Episode Information
Network: CBS-TV
Air date: October 25, 1975
Written by: Lloyd Turner, Gordon Mitchell, Don Nicholl, Michael Ross & Bernie West
Directed by: Jack Shea
Production code: 2.7 / 208
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"Jefferson vs. Jefferson" "Movin' on Down"

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Uncle Bertram was the 20th episode of The Jeffersons TV series, also the seventh episode of Season 2. Directed by Jack Shea and written by Lloyd Turner, Gordon Mitchell, Don Nicholl, Michael Ross and Bernie West, it made its premiere on CBS-TV on October 25, 1975.


An elderly white man tries to flirt with Mother Jefferson in an elevator. He turns out to be related to the Willises. When she begins dating this Uncle Bertram, George is not so happy.


Mother Jefferson is upset over an encounter with an elevator masher, who turns out to be Tom Willis' elderly Uncle Bertram, a retired firefighter, and sort of a "white sheep" (no pun intended) in the Willis family along with Tom and Helen, in town to visit his relatives. When the progressive elderly couple begin to hit it off, and begin going out together, it begins to rankle the still not-so-progressive towards interracial dating George, bringing his attitudes towards race to the forefront.

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