Elena Beltran
Elena Florence
Elena Beltran (Liz Torres) and Florence (Marla Gibbs, right) in scene from "Checking In".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Ethnicity Hispanic
Business executive at the Frederick Hotel in Manhattan, NY
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons and Checking In
Character played by: Liz Torres
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Elena Beltran was a business executive in the Frederick Hotel who worked with Florence Johnston, formerly the Jefferson maid, briefly on the short-lived spinoff series of The Jeffersons,Checking In. Elena is played by actress Liz Torres who also played Theresa Betancourt, a Puerto-Rican hospital emergency room dispacther and Bunker's temporary housekeeper on All In The Family.

About ElenaEdit

Elena, a single mother of a young son, handled business contacts of the swanky Manhattan hotel; she had the difficult task of telling Florence, who's the executive in charge of houskeeping, that Mr. Jefferson, her former boss, did not get the cleaning contract which he coveted, and that Blue Sky Cleaners, Jefferson Cleaners's biggest competitor secured it instead. Elena often served as a buffer between Florence and the overbearing and arrogant Lyle Block (played by former M*A*S*H star Larry Linville), who always looks for a way to put down Florence when the situation arises!