Diane Stockwell
Paulene Myers as Diane Stockwell
Paulene Myers as Diane, a maid who works in the Whittendale Bldg., also an old friend of Louise's in the pilot episode titled "A Friend in Need".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Maid who works in the Wittendale Building who also happens to be an old friend of Louise's and an accquaintance of Florence's
Character information
Appeared on: The Jeffersons
Episodes appeared in: "A Friend in Need" (Season 1, series pilot)
Character played by: Paulene Myers
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Diane Stockwell was a character who appeared in the pilot episode of The Jeffersons titled "A Friend in Need". The part of Diane is played in the episode by veteran actress Paulene Myers.

About DianeEdit

When Louise invites Diane, an old friend who also happens to work for a family in the Whittendale Bldg., up to 21C, the family's new apartment by helping her carry groceries up to it, Diane, who thinks that Louise only works as a maid in the apartment; she is taken aback when she learns that she and George live in the apartment, thinking that the only Black people who could afford living in such a place are "men who wear basketball shorts"! Louise, who does not want to offend long time friend Diane, wants to continue their friendship, much to the chagrin of George, who wants her to snub her nose at her!

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